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Endurance Arthur

Posted 28 February 2016
by Endurance Arthur .

An introduction to cerebral palsy claims

What is cerebral Palsy?  Cerebral palsy is the name given to a range of neurological disorders which affect muscle tone, movement, motor skills and co-ordination. What are the symptoms of cerebral palsy? Symptoms of cerebral palsy can range from a…

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Clair Hemming

Posted 27 February 2016
by Clair Hemming .

Personal Injury Litigation FAQs

Carmen Mazo, 43, broke her wrist outside The Westbourne in West London in 2009 and was awarded £150,000 by a judge. She is now claiming it has wrecked her career as a HR Executive and is seeking a further £4.2…

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Stephen Jennings

Posted 26 February 2016
by Stephen Jennings .

A warning to employers about references

A recent Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) case highlights the dangers to employers when providing references and also to prospective employers when seeking references. The EAT held that an employment tribunal erred in its approach when it found that a claimant…

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Aimee Grose

Posted 25 February 2016
by Aimee Grose .

Child Maintenance

Ideally when parents separate they can agree a regular and reliable payment of child maintenance. However, sometimes this is not always possible and so the Child Maintenance Service (previously the Child Support Agency) can help to calculate the level of…

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