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Stuart Bramley

Posted 28 February 2017
by Stuart Bramley .

Car insurance bills to soar for 36m drivers

Tozers’ litigation Partner Stuart Bramley writes – ” It is unsurprising that the insurance industry and the NHS are complaining about yesterday’s announcement but the development was an entirely fair one and was significantly overdue – a change to the…

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Amy Laver

Posted 23 February 2017
by Amy Laver .

Data Protection Update

You may recall that we addressed the importance of Data Protection in our article ‘Could your charity face an ICO fine?’ earlier this month. Today, we revisit the issue, as new guidance has been published by the Fundraising Regulator to…

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Dan Griffin

Posted 23 February 2017
by Dan Griffin .

Interest rate hedging products

What are interest rate hedging products? Interest rate derivatives, which are often known as interest rate hedging products or just ‘swaps’ have caused significant difficulties for small and medium sized businesses that were sold them without proper warning of the…

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