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    Gráinne Staunton

    Posted 19 June 2017
    by Gráinne Staunton .

    What is STEP?

    Close up of hands signing a document.

    TEP stands for Trust and Estate Practitioner, and is the designation given to full members of STEP – the worldwide professional association for those advising families across generations.

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    Tracy Lambert

    Posted 16 June 2017
    by Tracy Lambert .

    Short Marriages and Financial Claims

    The Court of Appeal have today set aside an order made providing for an equal division of the assets in a divorce where the parties had been married for only 3 ½ years to the date of the divorce petition,…

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    Simon Sanger-Anderson

    Posted 16 June 2017
    by Simon Sanger-Anderson .

    Roadside Trees

    The High Court has ruled that a bus driver who was badly injured when a tree fell onto the cab of his bus is entitled to compensation from the local parish council. The Court ruled that the council was liable…

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    Anouska Musson

    Posted 14 June 2017
    by Anouska Musson .

    Be Careful Where You Aim!

    The Committee of Advertising Practices (“CAP”) has introduced new guidance for businesses that produce online adverts featuring products which may only be targeted at those aged over 16 or 18. Under the CAP’s new rules, for example, alcohol and gambling…

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    Caroline Ryan

    Posted 5 June 2017
    by Caroline Ryan .

    Divorce – FAQ’s

    How much does a divorce cost? There is a court fee to issue the divorce petition which is currently £550. If you are on a low income or benefits you may be able to apply for some or all of…

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    Stuart Bramley

    Posted 5 June 2017
    by Stuart Bramley .

    Medical Negligence FAQs

    What are the time limits for bringing a medical negligence claim? For an adult who has capacity (the ability to handle his/her legal affairs), the limitation period is 3 years.  In some cases, for example where a cancer has been…

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    Paul Kelly

    Posted 2 June 2017
    by Paul Kelly .


    A new Electronic Communications Code became effective from 27 April when the Digital Economy Act 2017 (“the Act”) came into force. The Code governs the siting and operation of telecommunications equipment on land. This will be of interest to parks…

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