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    Gráinne Staunton

    Posted 18 April 2018
    by Gráinne Staunton .

    GDPR: Implications for Trustees

    Cup of coffee and laptop

    GDPR represents a tightening up of the obligations owed by trustees and an extension of some of the obligations to those supplying services to trustees, such as solicitors and accountants. It will come into force on 25 May 2018. GDPR…

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    Simon Sanger-Anderson

    Posted 13 April 2018
    by Simon Sanger-Anderson .

    Capacity: An Overview

    Swings in a playground.

    When taking legal action against an individual it is vital that you ensure they have capacity. Where a person lacks capacity there are steps that need to be taken to ensure that they are adequately represented. What are the issues?…

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    Aimee Aspinall

    Posted 12 April 2018
    by Aimee Aspinall .

    Confidentiality in Family Proceedings

    Couple signing a prenup agreement.

    The general rule in private family proceedings is that they are confidential and therefore the details are not widely available. Often when a higher court judgment is published, the parties’ names are anonymised and this applies to all private family…

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