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    Chloe Harvey

    Posted 29 May 2018
    by Chloe Harvey .

    What Constitutes Domestic Violence?

    Domestic violence

    Domestic violence can take many forms and is not limited to only physical acts of violence. Domestic violence/abuse includes emotional, psychological, financial and other controlling behaviours. There are steps that victims of domestic violence can take to protect themselves, one…

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    Kirsty McLennan

    Posted 24 May 2018
    by Kirsty McLennan .

    GDPR Privacy Notices

    CD and purple lock.

    As park owners will know the General Data Protection Regulations (“the GDPR”), which govern how data is held and processed, come into force on 25 May 2018. Under the GDPR parks should be publishing Privacy Notices, one for customer data…

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    Stuart Bramley

    Posted 18 May 2018
    by Stuart Bramley .

    Group B Strep: Amber’s Story

    Baby in arms of parent.

    Stuart Bramley, a solicitor specialising in GBS legal claims, writes – “Amber’s story is a particular tragedy. Some of the affected babies I represent had contracted GBS when they were a few weeks old and for them, the infection could…

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    Amy Cater

    Posted 10 May 2018
    by Amy Cater .

    Phone Kiosk Applications Hit Record Levels

    Hand using phone.

    Last month the Planning Inspectorate (“PINs”) issued a statement that one of the main reasons for recent delays in the handling of appeals was due to the number of prior approval appeals they had received for phone kiosks. According to…

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    Mark Williams

    Posted 8 May 2018
    by Mark Williams .

    Grandparents Rights

    Grandparents with child on shoulder

    There have been fresh calls for changes to the law where the rights of grandparents to see their grandchildren are concerned, the BBC has reported. At the moment, grandparents do not have an automatic right to see their grandchildren after…

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    Amy Cater

    Posted 4 May 2018
    by Amy Cater .

    Community Infrastructure Levy – Two Recent Appeals

    Construction Site

    The Planning Inspectorate has published two appeals recently that again highlight the need for developers to submit their assumption of liability notices or commencement notices in good time or face surcharges. In the first appeal, the developer had carried out…

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