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    Rachael Morley

    Posted 30 July 2018
    by Rachael Morley .

    Lasting Power of Attorney: An Overview


    Increasing numbers of people are taking advantage of a simplified online process to make a Lasting Power of Attorney, which enables others to manage their affairs if they become unable to do so themselves, but alongside there is a surge…

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    Caroline Ryan

    Posted 18 July 2018
    by Caroline Ryan .

    The End of a Meal Ticket for Life?

    Business meeting

    The Supreme Court has overturned a decision by the Court of Appeal for a husband to increase payments to his ex-wife following her mismanagement of finances. Today’s unanimous decision allowed the appeal of the husband in Mills v Mills, concluding…

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    Tracy Lambert

    Posted 18 July 2018
    by Tracy Lambert .

    Wife Awarded Share of Husband’s Pension

    Couple walking through the woodland.

    Caroline Ryan acted for a Wife who was married for over 40 years. Her Husband worked in the Public Sector and was possessive of his pension. The Husband put forward offers throughout the court proceedings offsetting the capital that would…

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