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    Mark Williams

    Posted 22 July 2019
    by Mark Williams .

    Domestic abuse victims failed in rural areas

    Domestic abuse in the South West

    The National Rural Crime Network has published a report revealing “a shocking picture of domestic abuse in rural Britain with hidden victims – isolated, unsupported and unprotected – who are being failed by the system, services and those around them.”…

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    Paul Kelly

    Posted 19 July 2019
    by Paul Kelly .

    Consultation on increasing tenant rights in Wales

    Tenants housing rights in Wales

    This blog is relevant to any park which rents out park homes or other residential property in Wales. The Welsh Government is consulting on proposed amendments to the sections of the Renting Homes (Wales) Act 2016 dealing with termination. The…

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    Melanie Burton

    Posted 3 July 2019
    by Melanie Burton .

    Fire Safety Order 2005: call for evidence

    Glasses and keyboard

    The Government is currently calling for evidence about whether the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 continues to be fit for purpose. The Fire Safety Order which applies in England and Wales is seen as the cornerstone of general fire…

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