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Posted 16 February 2016

National whistle-blowing helpline launched by NSPCC

The BBC report that a National whistle-blowing helpline was launched today.  The helpline is to be run by NSPCC with funding provided by the Home Office. 

The helpline is designed to take calls from employers from any sector who believe their organisation may not be responding appropriately to concerns relating to child protection.  This comes in the wake of the failings of Rochester Council when around 1400 children and young people were exposed to sexual exploitation.  Over two thirds of those exploited were already known to professional services.

In addition, around 157 calls were made to the police in 2013 about concerns for the safety of children vulnerable to sexual exploitation.  It is envisaged that the helpline will assist with establishing trends to prevent another ‘Rochdale’ occurring again.  The helpline will also give a lifeline to those who feel they cannot raise concerns within their organisation without repercussions or that they have exhausted all avenues within their own organisation.

I echo the words of the NSPCC Chief Executive Peter Wanless who said: “If an employee thinks a child is in danger or has been failed by their organisation then nothing should stand in the way of them speaking out”.


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