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Posted 25 May 2016
by Stuart Bramley

GPs praised for ‘dramatic’ cut in antibiotic prescriptions

Stuart Bramley, a solicitor who specialises in legal claims arising from infections, observes;

“This news is very welcome and no doubt results from various NHS initiatives in recent years to reduce unnecessary antibiotic use.

Microbiologists recognise that excessive usage lowers the resistance to future, often more virulent, infections – not just in the individual but in the community as a whole, through the concept of ‘herd immunity’.

I handle a great many legal claims related to infections such as Group B Strep and am regularly told by my medical experts that many of these arise because people have been inappropriately given antibiotics in the past and so the BBC News report is very welcome. What would be more welcome still would be a similar effort to prevent cattle being given these as growth-promoters, since that also allows antibiotics to enter the food chain”.


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Stuart Bramley

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