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Posted 16 June 2016

Arrests under Modern Slavery Act 2015

Cornwall Constabulary have been able to make a number of arrests of those suspected of being involved in ‘modern slavery’. 

This follows recent legislation, namely the Modern Slavery Act 2015, that came into force on 26 March 2015 which consolidates and clarifies the existing offences of modern slavery and trafficking and increasing the penalty if found guilty of an offence under the Act.  The Act has empowered police to take a closer look at cases of suspected human trafficking for the purpose of exploitation, whether that is in the form of sexual exploitation or for financial gain.   It is often the case that those being exploited do not accept that is the case, the result of which means they are not prepared to co-operate with police investigations.  The benefit of the 2015 Act, however, is that it provide a level of protection from criminal conviction for victims of slavery and trafficking, but does not provide any civil remedy in terms of compensation.

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