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Posted 11 July 2016

Harmful Sexual Behaviour in Children – they should not be labelled ‘Mini Sex Offenders’


A Parliamentary inquiry supported by Bernardo’s has stated that children who commit acts of harmful sexual behaviour should not be labelled or criminalised as ‘mini sex offenders’. 

It is vital that those children are treated as children first.  Ironically, the report also stated that children who sexually abuse have often suffered abuse and trauma themselves.  This is a dangerous label in itself.

Do we say those who have been abused, will go onto abuse. Some of my clients have been lucky enough to have gone onto lead very ‘normal’ lives despite being subjected to the most hideous and unimaginable abuse.

I agree, that in the age of technology, parents and carers must be more vigilant when allowing children to play on computers, tablets and phones.  It is too easy for inappropriate websites to be accessed increasing the exposure of children to inappropriate images and information.  I feel strongly that more awareness of the dangers of free and unsupervised use of technology should be a priority.

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