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Caroline Ryan

Posted 20 September 2016
by Caroline Ryan

Collaborative Law

When relationships break down sometimes the best solutions are those which you can work out for yourselves, together. You still have the benefit of your own independent legal advisor but the legal advisors appointed will be collaborative practitioners.The collaborative process involves a series of meetings which involves the parties their solicitors and in some cases other professionals, such as accountants or financial advisers, to help you reach solutions together.

In considering whether the process is for you, consider do you both have the following:-

  1. A genuine desire to reach an agreement that is fair for the whole family;
  2. A willingness to disclose, fully and honestly, information about all assets;
  3. A commitment to reaching a solution without going to Court.

You are in control and can set the agenda as to how frequently and how many meetings will be required.

You and your collaborative practitioners sign an agreement which disqualifies them from representing you in any subsequent Court proceedings if the collaborative process breaks down. This means all parties are absolutely committed to helping find a solution by agreement rather than through the Court process.

Once an agreement is reached, solicitors will put this into effect obtaining a Court order that reflects the agreement reached.

Caroline Ryan at Tozers is a Consultant Solicitor specialising in divorce and finances on divorce. She is a collaborative lawyer and has successfully reached agreement with clients’ through the collaborative law process. For further information contact Caroline Ryan at Tozers on 01392 207464.

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Caroline Ryan

Caroline Ryan

Consultant Solicitor

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