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Posted 26 October 2016
by Ricky Noble

Tips to Reduce Your Divorce Costs


If you are concerned about the costs of your divorce, it is a good idea to talk with a Family Law Specialist at Tozers LLP as soon as you have decided that you wish to end your marriage.

We can discuss your options for making your separation/divorce process as quick and as affordable as possible. Tozers LLP understand that the cost of divorce can be a significant financial drain for most families. Our experienced Family Legal Team will help you from day one to work towards lowering your overall divorce costs while still protecting your rights and getting the best outcome for you.

We offer a Fixed Fee Divorce of £500 plus VAT plus Court fee currently £550. Financial and children matters are charged at the solicitors’ hourly rate.  Whilst we will do our best to keep your costs under control and keep you updated for the duration of your case, there are also things that you can do, as the client, to keep your matter running efficiently and manage the costs.


  • Write or email rather than telephoning. Sending a letter or email will also allow your lawyer time to get your file and prepare a response to your query, which will generally be more cost-effective than a long telephone call in which your lawyer goes through your file with you to find the answer to your question.
  • Try to think about what you write. If you can put all of your comments in one email say, rather than several in quick succession, this will be easier for your lawyer to deal with and therefore cost less.
  • If you are just providing information and you do not necessarily need your lawyer to do anything at that time, make this clear.
  • If you need generic information about the process, try looking at the information sent to you at the beginning of your case or visiting our website. If you cannot find the answer there, try your lawyer’s assistant.  The assistants are very knowledgeable and experienced, and whilst they cannot advise you they can help explain the proceedings or any documents you have received.  The charge rate for an assistant is lower than that of your lawyer.  The assistants also will be able to book an appointment for you to see or speak to your lawyer, and will be able to refer you to another member of the firm if your query is urgent and your lawyer is not available.
  • When your lawyer asks you for something, you need to respond to them. If you are unable to get the document or the answer to them for a short time do let them know when you expect to have it; this will save you money as your lawyer will not have to send letters to chase you up about what they have requested.
  • Your lawyer will generally give you a list of the documents that they need. Work down the list and make sure that you have everything that has been requested.  Usually (unless specified otherwise) it will be more helpful to provide your lawyer with all of the documents at the same time.
  • Respond promptly where possible. If there is even short-term delay the financial situation may change, and therefore your documents may need redrafting.  This will incur further costs for you.
  • If you can separate out your bank statements into each account and organise by date, put your wage slips in chronological order and organise your other financial documents into the order that your lawyer has requested, this will result in much less time being needed by your lawyer to consider these documents, which will end up being much more cost-effective for you.







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