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Responsible business

Tozers is committed to being a responsible business

As the world around us changes, we recognise that the needs of our people, our communities and our environment are also changing. We believe the way we operate as a firm should reflect this, so we can continue to adapt to meet the high standards our clients have come to expect from us.

Growing a responsible business, together

Being a responsible business is a fundamental part of who we are and underpins everything we do – from the culture of our firm to the way we work with our clients.

Our approach is centred around three core areas:

  • Creating an inclusive workplace that recognises the contributions of our people
  • Collaborating with our communities to create social value
  • Making positive changes to minimise the impact we have on our environment

We have a clear set of goals linked to these priorities, ensuring we continue to grow as a responsible business. This helps us stay focused on what’s important as we strive to deliver an exceptional legal service for our clients.


Frequently asked questions 


What is responsible business?

There is no one definition for responsible business but the concept recognises that businesses have a wider role to play in society and cannot operate in isolation. This means taking into account their social and environmental impact alongside profitability to create a net positive difference. Being a responsible business can incorporate a number of elements but Business in the Community sums it up as 'healthy business'. At Tozers, we focus on three core areas as part of our commitment to being a responsible business: our people, our communities and our environment.


Is responsible business different to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)?

The terms ‘responsible business’ and ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ (CSR) are often used interchangeably and have many similarities. Both focus on how businesses can align financial goals with a positive environmental and social impact. CSR is often based on external policies, while responsible business is embedded into all aspects of an organisation. At Tozers, we see being a responsible business as a fundamental part of who we are as a law firm.


What is social value?

Social value is becoming an increasingly important concept in our changing world. This encourages organisations to consider wellbeing as a key metric alongside traditional economic measurements. The emphasis is on engaging with people in order to create a net positive impact in today's world and for the future. At Tozers, we focus on social value as part of our Positive Impact Programme, which is central to our commitment to being a responsible business.


What does responsible business mean to Tozers?

We see being a responsible business as a fundamental part of who we are as a firm. This is important to our colleagues, who want to be proud of where they work, and our clients, who expect the highest standards from us. But we also believe responsible business is better business. Focusing on our people, our communities and our environment enables us to adapt and grow in a changing world. In turn, this helps us deliver thoughtful legal advice and exceptional service, as the first-choice regional law firm in the South West and national experts in our specialist sectors.