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Posted 18 January 2019
by Stuart Bramley

Amazing toddler survived sepsis and FOUR bouts of meningitis

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An ‘amazing’ toddler survived the deadly disease of sepsis and four bouts of meningitis before he was nine months old. Doctors have warned the brain damage it has cause may lead to him never being able to walk or talk.

With reference to the Daily Mail Online article, Infection solicitor Stuart Bramley writes:-

“If the general public needed any more reminders of the risks of sepsis, Luca’s story should be a salutary lesson. Despite all the publicity in recent years, even extending to one of the characters in ‘The Archers’ dying of sepsis, there are still too many instances of the symptoms being overlooked. Although it seems that the medical staff caring for Luca did everything they could and more, as a lawyer dealing with dozens of sepsis claims I see clinical errors over this infection far too often. No parents of a baby or child showing the tell-tale signs should be reassured – if left untreated, this turns into meningitis and/or septicaemia frighteningly quickly. I am handling one case where a symptom-free baby was found to have meningitis less than 4 hours later.

Despite his extraordinary challenges in early life it is hugely impressive that Luca is as well as he is. Jodie and Matthew can be proud their son is such a fighter”.

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