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Posted 18 May 2018
by Stuart Bramley

Group B Strep: Amber’s Story

Baby in arms of parent.

Stuart Bramley, a solicitor specialising in GBS legal claims, writes –

“Amber’s story is a particular tragedy. Some of the affected babies I represent had contracted GBS when they were a few weeks old and for them, the infection could have been picked up anywhere, from anyone, but what happened to Amber is a clear illustration of why we need routine, automatic testing of all mums-to-be. If a fetus or new-born baby develops problems it will self-evidently be of help to the doctors if they know from the outset that the mother is a carrier of Group B Strep. Antibiotics need not await the delivery – in circumstances such as these they can be given to the mother in the later stages of pregnancy and the effect will pass on to the unborn baby. Richard Lewis is quite right to highlight what happens in the health services of less developed countries, as compared to the lamentable decision by the NHS not to allow routine testing in the UK. I do hope the publicity resulting from this tragic, pointless loss of a young life will make health chiefs think again”.


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