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Jill Headford

Posted 30 March 2015
by Jill Headford

Are your Online Standard Terms of Business enforceable?

The Consumer Rights Bill comes into force in October 2015 and makes a significant change in consumer law affecting online selling.

The Bill creates new consumers rights on refunds from businesses and makes unfair contract terms easier to challenge. Businesses will get one chance to rectify a problem with a product or service and if they fail then the consumer can demand a refund.

The Bill also gives new powers to trading standards authorities.  Businesses can expect to see an increase in complaints and referrals to enforcement authorities by consumers and website sales terms being struck out.

At the moment many businesses have terms on their websites that are so strict on consumers that they might be deemed unenforceable.  This could result in legal action, fines and even the business being forced to stop trading until they rectify the problem.

If you sell online and haven’t looked at your standard terms for a while then now is the time to do so.

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Jill Headford

Jill Headford

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