Tracy Lambert


Group of happy children

If you’re a parent, you’ll be familiar with how difficult it can sometimes be to get your children to accompany you to the shops or appointments. If only you could safely leave your child on their own and get those…


Exe Regatta 2019

On 8th and 9th June, Tozers enjoyed a fantastic weekend celebration of sailing as gold sponsors of the Exe Regatta. The motto for the weekend can certainly be summed by the phrase ‘seas the day’ – as despite strong Westerly…


Family proceedings

Changes to the Family Proceedings Rules mean that conduct may now have more significance in family cases. On the 27th May 2019 amendments came in to force relating to when a court may order one party to pay the costs…


Musician playing piano in Shaldon Festival

Tozers Solicitors are delighted to announce their sponsorship of Shaldon Festival 2019. The coastal village of Shaldon will celebrate its 30th classical music festival from 20th to 23rd June at St Peter’s Church, with the aim ‘to provide local people…


The government has today issued a press release announcing its commitment to reforming divorce law as soon as Parliamentary time will allow. The reforms will remove the need for couples to wait 2 years after separating and fault-based petitions. Justice…


Family wooden blocks

If you are experiencing difficulties with a family matter, such as issues relating to a potential divorce and the associated financial aspects or issues concerning your children, you may be considering court proceedings. Before you can make an application to…


Couple in front of the sun

A recent survey on British Social Attitudes published in January 2019 confirmed that 46% of those surveyed were under the impression that cohabiting couples formed a “common law marriage” – please be aware that there is no such thing as…


Man removing wedding ring

Following the consultation launched in autumn 2018, the government has announced its commitment to reforming divorce law in the next Parliamentary session scheduled to start in May 2019. The reforms will remove the need for couples to wait 2 years…


Hand with ring

Divorce is now so common in modern society, with 40% of marriages ending in divorce, that many people believe it to be simple and uncomplicated. However, matrimonial law is not always easy to understand which has caused many popular myths….