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Posted 25 July 2017
by Stuart Bramley

Baby ‘crying in a different way’ diagnosed with Sepsis

With reference to this Daily Mail Online article, Stuart Bramley, solicitor specialising in infection claims, writes:“Although the exact nature of the infection is not given in the Mail article it sounds very much like Group B Strep, an all-too-common sepsis affecting newborn babies and occasionally older ones.

Amongst other effects, GBS affects the respiratory system and produces a strange, high-pitched cry. Although this should sound very distinctive to doctors and nurses, in many of my claims the cry has been dismissed or overlooked, often until it is too late and the baby has either died or contracted life-changing meningitis.

I was delighted to read that Megan’s condition was detected so early, by the clinicians she saw but crucially by her parents and going by the evidence available it would seem to be no exaggeration to say that they saved her life.

It is excellent that Megan appears to have made a full recovery a year later.”

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