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Posted 31 July 2019
by Stuart Bramley

Baby dies because of hospital neglect, inquest finds

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With reference to the Daily Mail Online article.

Baby Ennis died hours after he was born due to the many failures of midwives and doctors. His mother, Louise, had been sent home from hospital two days earlier due to lack of staff and beds. She went into labour the following day at 4pm but was not seen by doctors until 7:30pm. By that time, Louise was shouting that the baby would die unless a C-section was carried out immediately.

Medical negligence partner Stuart Bramley writes –

“In the over-worked and under-funded NHS it is sadly the case that sometimes a patient needing treatment needs to wait until staff become available. However, the point of triage is that those who need care the most urgently should get help straight away. Clearly that did not happen here and as the Coroner confirms, not only did that failing amount to neglect, with an earlier Caesarean section Ennis would probably have survived.”

“I am handling claims where it was known that the baby was in the breech position, which is fairly common in early pregnancy; and will remain in that position – which is much more unusual and needs particular care. Although a Caesarean is not essential with a breech presentation, if a natural birth is agreed then it must be handled carefully as the risk of the baby being deprived of oxygen is higher. It is a tragedy that Ennis’ mother Louise was telling the staff, who should have known this, that a terrible outcome would result if she did not get help straight away.”

“My sympathies go out to Ennis’ family and I do hope that they take some small comfort from the assurances that Basildon Hospital intend to take steps to prevent any repetition.”

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