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Posted 8 May 2017
by Stuart Bramley

‘Our baby son died due to NHS error’ – BBC News

Doctor NHS

Commentating on the recent tragic story on the BBC, Stuart Bramley, a specialist in birth claims, writes

“Although tragic, Gino’s story is unsurprising. My colleagues at Tozers and I handle dozens of legal claims arising from maternity errors and I can recognise Sarah’s comment about ‘so many mistakes in just a few hours’.  Whether due to funding cuts, individual error or alternative reasons, there are simply too many instances like this one.

One of my special interests is Group B Streptococcus, a commonplace maternal infection which if passed on to the baby and not recognised can be devastating, and it is astonishing to discover in claim after claim just how little even experienced clinicians know about this. If not dealt with, the outcome is either lifelong brain injury or the baby not surviving and much wider training about the symptoms really is needed. My thoughts and sympathies go out to Gino’s family”

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