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Posted 14 June 2017
by Anouska Musson

Be Careful Where You Aim!

The Committee of Advertising Practices (“CAP”) has introduced new guidance for businesses that produce online adverts featuring products which may only be targeted at those aged over 16 or 18. Under the CAP’s new rules, for example, alcohol and gambling adverts cannot be targeted at under 18’s, and from 1 July 2017, adverts for foods high in fat, salt or sugar cannot be targeted at under 16’s.

The CAP guidance explains how businesses can comply with the rules when advertising online and how any adverts which feature online should be targeted to the appropriate age groups.

Holiday park owners in particular should take time to understand this guidance, particularly where they have bars and restaurants offering alcoholic drinks or high fat foods, which may be featured in online adverts. Park owners should liaise with their marketing teams to make sure that such adverts are not targeted at children, or if they are, that age restricted products are not featured.

The CAP’s guidance can be found here.

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