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Posted 17 October 2014

Can a local authority refuse to lodge your park rules?

We have heard from many residential park owners that their local authorities are refusing to register a park’s rules for various different reasons. These reasons have included failing to consult the council on the proposed park rules, proposing a prescribed matter and failing to use documentation which the local authority has drafted.

The Mobile Home (Site Rules)(England) Regulations 2014 (“the Regulations”) details the responsibilities and obligations of the local authority. These obligations include establishing and keeping an up to date register of park rules and publishing the register online.  The local authority may also ask for evidence that a park has followed the consultation process.

Other than in situations where the statutory consultation process has not been adhered to the local authority cannot refuse to place the park rules on the register. If a local authority refuses to place the park rules on the register they will be failing to comply with their obligation under the regulations.

Where a park owner has complied with the statutory consultation process their park rules will come into effect 22 days after the homeowners have been notified that the park rules have been deposited, despite a local authority’s refusal to place them on the register.

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