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Posted 21 July 2017
by Anouska Musson

Card Surcharges to be Banned

The Government has announced that from January 2018, businesses will not be allowed to add any surcharges on card payments.

The Government’s plan follows on from the EU Payment Services Directive II (PSDII) which banned surcharges on Mastercard and Visa payments, but goes further by banning charges on American Express, Apple Pay and PayPal too.

The Government has said that by removing surcharges from payments, it will create a level playing field between payment methods and a clearer picture for consumers who will be able to see the full price of the product or service they are purchasing upfront.

Businesses currently applying a surcharge on these transactions will need to ensure that once the changes are implemented they no longer do so for payments made by consumers who purchase their goods or services. However surcharges will remain possible in business to business transactions.

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