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    Clair Hemming

    Posted 21 October 2019
    by Clair Hemming .

    Erb’s Palsy Group Awareness Week 2019

    To raise awareness of Erb’s Palsy and to support the Erb’s Palsy Group we are running a series of articles this week written by young people who have the condition, entitled “Then and Now”. These inspirational stories are intended to…

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    Amy Laver

    Posted 3 October 2019
    by Amy Laver .

    New Code of Fundraising Practice


    This week the new Code of Fundraising Practice produced by the Fundraising Regulator came into effect. The code provides guidance for charitable institutions and third party fundraisers to follow when fundraising. The Code aims to promote consistent and high standards…

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    Paul Kelly

    Posted 25 September 2019
    by Paul Kelly .

    CCTV regulations – what are your obligations?

    CCTV cameras

    It is common practice for park owners to install CCTV systems within their parks. However, we are also seeing holiday caravan owners and residential homeowners install their own private CCTV systems. In this article, we break down what you need…

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    Kirsty McLennan

    Posted 10 September 2019
    by Kirsty McLennan .

    The Relevant date

    Caravan Park site

    In a recent case, the First-tier Tribunal was asked to decide on what date a residents’ association had to have over 50% of residents on the park as its members (counting one member per home) in order to qualify as…

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