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Kelly Burns

Posted 6 December 2018
by Kelly Burns .

Can an Urn really be a Listed Building?

Your initial reaction to the question of whether a chattel such as an urn could be a listed building may be “No”. You may think that only a bricks and mortar property could be listed. If that’s the case, you…

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Simon Sanger-Anderson

Posted 4 December 2018
by Simon Sanger-Anderson .

An Employment Law Christmas Carol

There are still limited spaces available for our Christmas employment seminar to be held at Exeter Racecourse on Tuesday 11th December from 10am-1pm. We look back at Christmases Past and happy days gone by when we on-boarded those new recruits,…

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Amy Cater

Posted 28 November 2018
by Amy Cater .

A Shake-up of Permitted Development Rights

Building with a blue sky

During the Autumn Budget, it was announced that the Government would be consulting on a number of proposed changes to the current system of permitted development rights. Permitted development rights allow you to undertake certain building works and changes of…

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James Evans

Posted 14 November 2018
by James Evans .

Governance: Top Tips For Charities

We keep hearing that public trust in charities can no longer be taken for granted. But what can charities do about it? Good governance is key, not only to help to ensure charities achieve their purposes and operate effectively, but…

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