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Rukaya Bradford

Posted 13 October 2017
by Rukaya Bradford .

Non-Molestation Orders

A Non-Molestation Order can be applied to put a stop to domestic abuse to help protect you and to ensure the safety and wellbeing and health of you and your children. Domestic abuse can include the following: Psychological abuse Emotional…

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Rukaya Bradford

Posted 10 October 2017
by Rukaya Bradford .

Divorce Costs Order

The term ‘divorce costs’ can be unclear and, to the person being asked to pay those costs, it can be confusing. However, ‘divorce costs’ are limited to those costs incurred in the process of ending the marriage – from preparing…

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Caroline Ryan

Posted 29 September 2017
by Caroline Ryan .

Armed Forces Pensions Solicitors

Since the early 1970’s the Courts have been required to take into account the value of any pension held by both parties to a divorce in determining their financial settlement. However, before the introduction of pension sharing, it was not…

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Mark Williams

Posted 28 September 2017
by Mark Williams .

The Rights of Grandparents

In a divorce, nobody really comes out of the process a ‘winner’. Hostilities between battling former spouses can sour relationships not just between them, but throughout the wider family too. Courts do their very best to protect the interests and…

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