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Anouska Musson

Posted 21 January 2019
by Anouska Musson .

Accessibility Statements

Typing on laptop

Park operators are not obliged to have an accessibility policy but doing so, and posting a statement on the park website, will help people with disabilities or associated concerns to access the services offered by the park. More information can…

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Melanie Burton

Posted 10 January 2019
by Melanie Burton .

New Data Protection Guidance

Man with Laptop

The Information Commissioner’s Office has published a new guide to Data Protection. You can read a copy here, and find links to their other resources prepared specifically with small businesses in mind. If you have any further questions, or if…

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Paul Kelly

Posted 18 December 2018
by Paul Kelly .

Privacy and Electronic Regulations (Amendment) 2018

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On 17 December 2018, the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (Amendment) 2018 come in to force. Penalties for data protection breaches will be increasing as a result so it will be important for parks to make sure that they comply…

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Anouska Musson

Posted 7 November 2018
by Anouska Musson .

Electronic Execution of Documents

Man typing on a keyboard

In December 2017, the Law Commission chose Electronic signatures as one of its new projects for Law Reform in the United Kingdom. They said that the purpose of the project was to address any uncertainty surrounding the formalities and procedure…

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Amy Cater

Posted 17 October 2018
by Amy Cater .

The Ombudsman’s Guide to Recording Planning Decisions

More than 2,000 complaints are received each year by the Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman (the “Ombudsman”) about Local Authority planning departments in England. One of the Ombudsman’s main reasons for upholding complaints is where a Local Planning Authority…

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