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Dan Griffin

Posted 4 July 2018
by Dan Griffin .

Using Images Online Without Permission

Laptop with lock.

Using images online without permission is not as prevalent as you might think, purely because the law offers image owners substantial protection against theft, unauthorised use, or copyright infringement. Copyright applies to photographs, drawings, digital designs and even video content….

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Stuart Bramley

Posted 3 July 2018
by Stuart Bramley .

Late-Onset Group B Strep Infection

Group B Awareness Month

As most families who have been affected by group B Strep will be aware, the usual pattern is where the baby develops an infection after picking up the bacteria from the mother around birth. Certain factors such as a lengthier…

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Gráinne Staunton

Posted 29 June 2018
by Gráinne Staunton .

The Importance of Succession Planning

Man writing on desk.

The recent High Court decision of Thompson v Thompson [2018] EWHC 1338 (Ch) (1 June 2018) once again shows the importance of making a Will and, above all, taking professional advice on succession planning, especially where a business is involved….

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Amy Cater

Posted 13 June 2018
by Amy Cater .

Update: New Welsh Planning Application Service May 2018

architecture plans

A new planning portal exclusively for planning applications in Wales is now active. As of 29 May 2018, all planning applications in Wales must be submitted via the dedicated Welsh online application service at For those who use the…

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