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    Ricky Noble

    Posted 1 October 2018
    by Ricky Noble .

    How to Avoid Parental Alienation

    Mother and child

    A marriage or partnership breakdown is an extremely difficult time, however, it can be a lot harder if there are children involved. Each situation will be different and depend on the circumstances of that particular family. It is important that…

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    Stuart Bramley

    Posted 28 September 2018
    by Stuart Bramley .

    NHS Scandals: 2018 Medical Negligence Claims

    Doctor in hospital

    Those who follow the news would be forgiven for thinking that 2018 is the year of NHS scandals. Sir Brian Langstaffe’s inquiry into infected blood products, from which 3,000 died and over 25,000 are believed to have been infected, is…

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    Martin Laver

    Posted 28 September 2018
    by Martin Laver .

    What is the Time Limit to Contest a Will?

    Older mans hands

    Time limits to challenge a will depend on the type of claim being contemplated. Inheritance Act Claims If you are making a claim under the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependents) Act 1975, the time limit is 6 months from…

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    Aimee Aspinall

    Posted 27 September 2018
    by Aimee Aspinall .

    Divorce FAQ – Part 5

    Women in the sun

    What happens to a pension in a divorce? Your pension is a marital asset, like your home and other assets. The value of your pension will be taken into account in deciding a fair settlement. Practical solutions can include: Offsetting…

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    Martin Laver

    Posted 26 September 2018
    by Martin Laver .

    What Are the Grounds for Disputing a Will?

    Writing a Will

    A will can be disputed for the following reasons: The will does not comply with the Wills Act 1837 The deceased was coerced into making the will (called undue influence) The deceased did not have capacity to make a will The…

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    Dan Griffin

    Posted 25 September 2018
    by Dan Griffin .

    GDPR – How to Use Legitimate Interest

    Man with Laptop

    There are misconceptions about the use of legitimate interest as a lawful grounds for process under the GDPR (Article 6(1)(f) and Recital 47). This is not a catchall provision which allows you to process personal data where you cannot find…

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