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Josh O'Neill

Posted 5 June 2018
by Josh O'Neill .

Buying Horses Abroad

Horse doing dressage.

When buying a horse from abroad goes wrong – How do you sue? Buying your new stock of showjumpers or dressage horses from the continent to produce and sell can be a great idea and there are certainly some excellent…

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Josh O'Neill

Posted 1 June 2018
by Josh O'Neill .

Buying a Horse via an Agent

Horse Nose

The use of agents when buying and selling horses is commonplace. Where the agent tells the buyer they are acting for someone else, usually, it is clear that the contract is between the buyer and the owner. Where the buyer does…

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Aimee Aspinall

Posted 1 June 2018
by Aimee Aspinall .

An Overview: No Fault Divorce

Divorce written in scrabble letters

The only way to legally dissolve a marriage is by way of divorce proceedings. At the moment, there is only one ground for divorce being that the marriage has broken down irretrievably which is then proved by reliance upon one…

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Chloe Harvey

Posted 29 May 2018
by Chloe Harvey .

What Constitutes Domestic Violence?

A girl in the back of a car with her hand over her face

Domestic violence can take many forms and is not limited to only physical acts of violence. Domestic violence/abuse includes emotional, psychological, financial and other controlling behaviours. There are steps that victims of domestic violence can take to protect themselves, one…

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Kirsty McLennan

Posted 24 May 2018
by Kirsty McLennan .

GDPR Privacy Notices

CD and purple lock.

As park owners will know the General Data Protection Regulations (“the GDPR”), which govern how data is held and processed, come into force on 25 May 2018. Under the GDPR parks should be publishing Privacy Notices, one for customer data…

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Stuart Bramley

Posted 18 May 2018
by Stuart Bramley .

Group B Strep: Amber’s Story

Baby in arms of parent.

Stuart Bramley, a solicitor specialising in GBS legal claims, writes – “Amber’s story is a particular tragedy. Some of the affected babies I represent had contracted GBS when they were a few weeks old and for them, the infection could…

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