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    Endurance Arthur

    Posted 12 February 2018
    by Endurance Arthur .

    What is Cauda Equina?

    Diagram of spinal nerves

    Cauda Equina Syndrome What is the cauda equina? The cauda equina is a collection of spinal nerves and nerve roots below the tapered end of the spinal cord, or conus medullaris. It consists of the second through to the fifth…

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    Anouska Musson

    Posted 8 February 2018
    by Anouska Musson .

    Automatic Electoral Registration Act 2018

    Polling station sign near our park law solicitors in Exeter

    Parliament is due to have a 2nd reading of the Automatic Electoral Register Act on 6th July 2018. The draft Bill proposes to impose certain duties on the Government to ensure the accuracy and completeness of electoral registers and to make…

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    Richard King

    Posted 26 January 2018
    by Richard King .

    Would You Return a ‘Tainted’ Donation?

    Money stacked.

    On learning from a press report that an annual men-only fund-raising event run by the Presidents Club Charitable Trust was (to say the least) abusive of women, Great Ormond Street Hospital has vowed to return all the money it has…

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    Aimee Aspinall

    Posted 26 January 2018
    by Aimee Aspinall .

    How does Divorce Mediation Work?

    Women going through divorce.

    The general process for financial mediation is: The parties, must themselves choose mediation, as this is a voluntary process and it is for them to approach a mediator, either direct or by way of referral through a solicitor. The Mediator…

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    Melanie Burton

    Posted 24 January 2018
    by Melanie Burton .

    BH&HPA Conference

    Look out for the Tozers’ team at the Marketplace on Wednesday and Conference on Thursday. We have lots to talk to you about as well as a prize giveaway. Look forward to seeing you there.

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