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    Dan Griffin

    Posted 10 October 2017
    by Dan Griffin .

    Increased Fines for Commercial Drivers

    The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) is to gain increased powers to fine commercial drivers. Fines to deter rest breaks in vehicles Lorry, bus and coach drivers must take a 45-hour rest break at least every fortnight. From 1…

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    Ricky Noble

    Posted 10 October 2017
    by Ricky Noble .

    Divorce Costs Order

    The term ‘divorce costs’ can be unclear and, to the person being asked to pay those costs, it can be confusing. However, ‘divorce costs’ are limited to those costs incurred in the process of ending the marriage – from preparing…

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    Paul Kelly

    Posted 5 October 2017
    by Paul Kelly .

    New Procedure for Debt Claims

    A new Pre-Action Protocol came into force on 1 October in respect of debt claims by a business against an individual and so will apply to any debts owed to parks. The protocol sets out the procedure to be followed…

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    Melanie Burton

    Posted 2 October 2017
    by Melanie Burton .

    All Change


    In the last year there has been largescale change to legal tender in England & Wales: On 13 September 2016, the new polymer £5 note was issued On 28 March 2017, the new 12-sided £1 coin was introduced into circulation On…

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    Caroline Ryan

    Posted 29 September 2017
    by Caroline Ryan .

    Armed Forces Pensions Solicitors

    Since the early 1970’s the Courts have been required to take into account the value of any pension held by both parties to a divorce in determining their financial settlement. However, before the introduction of pension sharing, it was not…

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    Simon Mansfield

    Posted 29 September 2017
    by Simon Mansfield .

    Should Big Babies be Delivered Early?

    It is well known that serious complications can be caused by delivery of bigger babies but at present, the medical evidence is unclear on whether earlier delivery will reduce the risk. To try and answer this question a clinical trial…

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    Mark Williams

    Posted 28 September 2017
    by Mark Williams .

    The Rights of Grandparents

    In a divorce, nobody really comes out of the process a ‘winner’. Hostilities between battling former spouses can sour relationships not just between them, but throughout the wider family too. Courts do their very best to protect the interests and…

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    Amy Laver

    Posted 28 September 2017
    by Amy Laver .

    Update on Serious Incident Reporting

    Trustees have to report adverse incidents, both real and potential, to the Charity Commission. By this, we mean, broadly, anything that significantly risks either the reputation of your charity (or of charity in general) or its assets or beneficiaries. This…

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