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Simon Catterall

Posted 21 September 2017
by Simon Catterall

How far does a highway extend?

It may be surprising that there is no comprehensive statutory definition of a “highway”. Reliance is placed on case law and the common law definition – a way over which all members of the public have the right to pass…

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Simon Catterall

Posted 8 September 2017
by Simon Catterall

Green Belt: openness is not what it appears

When considering applications for development in the green belt, local planning authorities are meant to ensure that substantial weight is given when considering potential harm to the green belt. Paragraph 79. of the National Planning Policy Framework states that one…

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Amy Cater

Posted 26 July 2017
by Amy Cater

Delays to 20% planning fee increase

In April the Department for Communities and Local Government confirmed that councils in England would be able to increase their planning fees by 20% from July. 

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Simon Sanger-Anderson

Posted 16 June 2017
by Simon Sanger-Anderson

Roadside Trees

The High Court has ruled that a bus driver who was badly injured when a tree fell onto the cab of his bus is entitled to compensation from the local parish council. The Court ruled that the council was liable…

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