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Posted 24 June 2015
by Paul Kelly

CCTV – what are your obligations?

It is not uncommon for park owners to install CCTV on their parks, but as a park owner do you know what your legal obligations are for the installation and use of CCTV?

Any information or documentation concerning an individual (which would include your holiday homeowners, residential homeowners or any other member of the public on the park) which is held by a park owner is subject to the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998 (“the Act”). This includes any information filmed or recorded by CCTV. Park owners must, therefore, ensure that their installation and use of CCTV complies with the provisions of the Act.

To assist park owners in complying with their legal duties, the Information Commissioner (“ICO”) produced a code of conduct, which all park owners must comply with prior to the installation of CCTV.  It is likely that this will include a requirement to register with the ICO. This code of conduct has recently been updated and can be found here

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