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Posted 16 December 2016

Changes to Court Trial Fees from 6 March 2017

The good news is that they are not being increased, but changes will be coming in for Trials where the listing of the trial is notified to the parties after 6 March 2017. The changes are:

  1. The trial fee will not be payable until 28 days before the Trial date or 28 days before the first Monday where a Trial window is given
  2. The Trial fee will not be recoverable after it is paid.

Currently you can get a partial refund on a trial fee where a case is settled up to 14 days before the Trial date. This will no longer apply.

Where discussions are being had regarding the settlement of a case it is important to bear these new rules in mind as once the Trial fee is paid it will not be returned by HMCTS, even if the matter is settled and does not subsequently proceed.

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