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Posted 17 July 2017
by Josh O’Neill

Changes to DVSA roadside checks

The Department for Transport has recently announced that from August 2017 Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) officers will carry out emissions checks at the roadside on commercial vehicles, after reported incidents of illegal engine modifications and fake emission reduction devices being used to lower costs across Europe.

In particular, officers will be looking for “defeat devices” which can be used to mask the emission of certain harmful air pollutants.

If “defeat devices” are discovered the driver and operator will have 10 days to fix the emissions system or face vehicle immobilisation and/or a fine. In addition, the DVSA may pass its findings on to the Traffic Commissioner who has the power to remove or restrict the operator’s licence.

At this stage, it is not clear whether foreign agencies will follow suit in adopting the new roadside checks. If not, UK based transporters may struggle to compete for international work with their European counterparts who continue reduce their costs through so-called emissions cheating unmonitored.

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