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Posted 19 July 2013
by Paul Kelly

Changes to the Mobile Homes Act – Protect your age rule

Many residential parks have an age rule in force or advertise as a retirement park. With regulations due to be published relating to the implementation of park rules, this is a good time to start planning to protect the character of your park for you and for your homeowners.

So what should you be doing?An age rule is only enforceable at the moment if it was introduced as part of original agreements or under the consultation procedure which permits changes to the park rules. If you are not sure that the right procedure has been followed in all cases then you should take advice from us straight away.

Even if you are confident in your current rules, under the Mobile Homes Act 2013 those rules will be abolished from a date which is to be decided in due course. You will need before that date to consult with your home owners about a new set of rules. These should include your age rule. If you don’t follow this new procedure then your park may lose its retirement status.

Follow this blog to find out what date is set for this change and when you should start the new consultation procedure.

Finally, if instead of an age rule you state that you operate a retirement or semi-retirement park you should speak to us about clarifying what you mean!

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