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Posted 25 February 2016

Child Maintenance

Ideally when parents separate they can agree a regular and reliable payment of child maintenance. However, sometimes this is not always possible and so the Child Maintenance Service (previously the Child Support Agency) can help to calculate the level of child maintenance due from an ex-partner.

They can assist with locating a parent, confirming parentage, calculating how much is to be paid and take steps to enforce if the payments are not made.

In order to encourage direct discussions the CMS have introduced some charges for their services.

In the absence of any written agreement between the parents it will be difficult to enforce payments of maintenance. We can assist in drafting an agreement to reflect the terms agreed which would be legally binding. Please ask us for details of the cost involved. .

To calculate how much should be paid you can use the Government Child Maintenance Calculator by using this link

If you have any queries regarding child maintenance contact us at Tozers Family Law Solicitors today.


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