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Posted 10 October 2018

Stuart Bramley Makes His Comments After Mother Reveals Heartbreaking First Words from Her Husband

Baby in hospital

With reference to the Daily Mail Online article

Tozers’ medical negligence partner Stuart Bramley writes

“Some errors that occur in healthcare are unavoidable – hardworking clinicians can miss things when for example winter illnesses result in extremely low staffing levels. Others, however, cannot be anything other than human error and what happened to Theodore does seem to me to fall into that group. Interpretation of the signs on a CTG machine remains an imperfect science but when it shows that the baby’s condition is pre-terminal, urgent action is required. If a doctor or midwife believes that this is simply an IT glitch then that assumption should be confirmed immediately. It seems astonishing that an obstetric Registrar wasn’t called for a quarter of an hour after this occurred.

Mistakes of this nature are more common than might be thought. My colleagues and I at Tozers deal with a number of legal claims where important IT data or the recordings on a monitor are ignored. I am handling one case at present where a baby known to have cardiac problems was attached to a heart-rate monitor. His mother noticed that it was showing a pulse of 205 beats per minute but when she pointed this out the nurse simply switched the machine off. He was discharged home very shortly afterwards, only to return later that day desperately ill with meningitis.

IT costs the NHS many millions. If the benefits of that are ignored not only is it wasted expenditure but much more importantly there is a risk that patients die, as Theodore’s tragedy confirms.”

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