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Posted 19 July 2019
by Paul Kelly

Consultation on increasing tenant rights in Wales

Tenants housing rights in Wales

This blog is relevant to any park which rents out park homes or other residential property in Wales.

The Welsh Government is consulting on proposed amendments to the sections of the Renting Homes (Wales) Act 2016 dealing with termination. The Act is not yet in force and the Government’s intention is to amend the Act before it comes into effect.

The consultation includes proposals to:

  • Increase the minimum notice period to end a periodic standard occupation contract from two months to six months.
  • Prohibit landlords from serving a termination notice in the first six months of a periodic standard occupation contract after the occupation date.
  • Prohibit a landlord who has not brought possession proceedings within two months of a termination notice expiring from issuing a further notice for six months.
  • Ending the landlord’s right to end a fixed-term contract on expiry on a no-fault basis.

The Government is also seeking responses regarding the future of break clauses in fixed term contracts and restrictions on a landlord’s ability to terminate following a retaliatory eviction or non-compliance with certain legislation.

The consultation runs until 5th September 2019.

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