Consumer Rights Act Audit

Standard business terms unenforceable from October 2015

unless they comply with the new consumer law

The Consumer Rights Act 2015 is in force from 1 October 2015. The Act gives consumers additional rights when purchasing goods, services or digital content. Any terms which are deemed “unfair” are unenforceable under the CRA. This could stop you:

  • excluding liability for damage to property that wasn’t your fault
  • retaining “non-refundable” deposits
  • increasing prices

… unless your terms are drafted so as to satisfy the CRA requirement of fairness. It is therefore vital that the standard agreements which you use with your customers are checked to make sure that they comply with the Act. Failure to comply not only make your contracts with customers unenforceable but can also attract claims and penalties – and you can be forced to change them. The CRA applies to all your contracts with your customers and all notices you issue to them which may include

  • your sales agreements
  • website standard terms and conditions
  • any notices you might issue such as refund policies on receipts

We are offering a FREE Consumer Rights Act Audit

How the audit works

You send us your current documentation. We tell you

  • whether your terms are enforceable
  • what you need to do and
  • what it will cost

We can talk it all through with you by phone or in person or you can just simply decide what action you want taken and we will go ahead.

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