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Jill Headford

Posted 13 July 2015
by Jill Headford

Copyright protection – the new BPI portal detects infringement

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On 6 June 2015, the British Phonographic Industry (BPI) launched an online copyright protection portal, which the BPI say is their “latest step in copyright protection”.

BPI members are able to upload their work and content into the portal, which then uses crawlers to search the web for copyright infringement. Rights holders will then be able to gain an idea of how their copyrighted material is being exploited. The BPI are running this in conjunction with the Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit, with the ultimate aim of disrupting pirate website activities. 

Discovering and preventing copyright infringement is important for anyone who has created, or is dealing with, original content. Some points to note:

  • Copyright arises automatically in the UK when a work is created and protects artistic (and other) works from copying
  • The use of the © symbol is not required but can act as a deterrent to infringement
  • Permission must be sought from the owner of copyright before using or reproducing the material
  • Copyright infringement can be:Primary infringement – e.g. copying a film or downloading music, regardless of  whether the infringer was aware of the copyright breach.

    Secondary infringement – this applies to those who do not actually make the copies themselves but import, sell, possess or permit the use of infringing copies and requires knowledge of the infringement by the person in breach.

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