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General Powers of attorney and Coronavirus


As the general public isolate under the current government guidelines many are benefiting from connective benefits of modern technology. We know through experience that many elderly and vulnerable people prefer to deal with banking in person rather than online or over the ‘phone and the requirement to self-isolate has brought a stop to your ability to deal with your finances.


I don’t want to leave the house, but I need someone to help with my banking/pension, what can I do?

A creative solution would be a self-isolation Power of Attorney. It is possible, under the law, for you to appoint another person to step into your shoes, either for all your financial matters or for a particular transaction. This document is known as a ‘Power of Attorney’.

Powers of Attorney come in many forms and there are even those which last if you lose mental capacity, known as ‘Lasting Powers of Attorney’.

As a simple, quick and efficient solution for you to cover a period of self-isolation, though, you may be interested in putting a ‘general’ Power of Attorney in place. This can be as limited as you want and can at least ensure that things keep running for you whilst you are confined at home.

In fact a general power of attorney can also help if you run a business and need someone to manage things in your absence, or if you are buying a house and want another to be empowered legally to deal with things for you.


How can Tozers help?

Although the Office of the Public Guardian is likely to be hit by delays, we can also easily put in place a General Power of Attorney so that assistance can be provided quickly.

We at Tozers are dedicated to helping you with your legal needs in a time of crisis. Please do get in touch with our specialist Safeguarding Team if we can be of any assistance.

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Last updated on 10/09/2020