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The planning process during the Coronavirus outbreak


If Councils are not holding public meetings how will my planning application be determined?

Planning applications can be determined under delegated powers by officers (usually the Head of the Planning department). It is likely that more applications will be determined by officers in the coming weeks. If an application is for major development or is contentious then it will still need to be determined by the Planning Committee. The Government has now made Regulations which allow Council meetings to be heard remotely until 7 May 2021.  The public and press must still be able to access these meetings.


Is my planning appeal going to be determined?

The Planning Inspectorate has advised that all scheduled site visits, Hearings and Inquiries will not take place until the situation changes.

The Planning Inspectorate are looking at ways to use technology to enable events to proceed whilst ensuring fairness for all parties, especially third parties, given that these are public events.

Planning Inspectorate staff including Inspectors have been told not to travel for work. Documents should be sent electronically and not by post.

In some cases Planning Inspectors will determine appeals using the written representations procedure rather than hearings or inquiries where it is appropriate.


How can Tozers help?

For further help and support please contact our specialist Planning Team, or visit their hub page.

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Last updated on 30/04/2020