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Posted 16 January 2018
by Stuart Bramley

Cost legacy of decades-old NHS blunders begins to rise – BBC News

Clinical Negligence partner, Stuart Bramley observes:-

“It is refreshing to see a serious examination of why certain types of claim are so costly to the NHS and why eventual resolution of those can sometimes take many years – I am pleased that the BBC haven’t followed the usual Press line concerning ‘ambulance-chasing lawyers’.  The figures here are very sobering, as always, and it is helpful to read the accounts given by families who have waited so long for their injured children’s condition to stabilise sufficiently for an accurate figure for compensation to be calculated. Whilst I welcome any moves by NHS Resolution to speed up acceptance that life-changing injuries have arisen because of avoidable medical error, I am afraid that we have been here before and after several similar initiatives in the past it is still the case that admissions of fault come too late in most claims.  Data published last year revealed how around 80% of claims which got as far as legal proceedings being issued at court resulted in a settlement. In other words, of all the cases where negligence was denied early on, forcing the patients to involve the court, four-fifths led to an admission later on.  Legal costs are a small fraction of the total NHS negligence bill but even that fraction could be reduced if the Health Service recognised its mistakes much sooner.”

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