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Posted 14 January 2016
by Aimee Aspinall

Dealing with divorce and the related financial applications

In December 2015 former “Oasis” frontman Liam Gallagher and his ex-wife Nicole Appleton ran up almost £1million in legal fees while arguing how to divide their £11 million asset pot after their divorce in 2014.

The Judge ordered that the assets should be divided equally, criticising the parties for their “manifestly excessive” legal fees.

Gallagher and Appleton spent the majority of 2015 arguing about how to divide their assets spending over £800,000 to get to the final hearing when the Judge ordered a 50/50 split which is the starting point in longer marriage cases.

When dealing with divorce and related financial applications, the associated costs should be borne in mind by all parties as it can be easy to lose sight of the issues at hand and run up costs.

Tozers’ Family Law specialists offer a Fixed Fee Divorce Package to deal with the divorce proceedings and provide clients with clear costs estimates at the outset of and throughout the duration of financial applications. Within financial proceedings it is also a requirement to provide the court and other parties with details of costs at various stages.

If you are contemplating a separation or divorce but are concerned about the possible costs, please contact our specialist team of family law solicitors for further information.

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