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Kelly Burns

Posted 5 August 2019
by Kelly Burns

Do you need planning permission for a cricket batting cage?

Cricket batter

Following England’s win in the Cricket World Cup and their current efforts to win back The Ashes, you may have been inspired to install a batting cage in your back garden, but have you given thought to what the planning implications could be?

You may find, as one homeowner did in a recent appeal decision, that planning permission is required.

In that appeal decision, it was held that a batting cage fell within the definition of a building, so its construction could amount to development and require planning permission unless any relevant permitted development rights applied.

To rely on permitted development rights, the batting cage would have to be located within the curtilage of a dwelling house and comply with various requirements regarding size and height. If these requirements cannot be complied with, planning permission may be required.

Therefore, it is important that before you install any batting cage or other structure in your garden you seek advice as to whether planning permission is required.

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