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Posted 14 September 2018

Doctors are Putting Babies’ Lives at Risk From Meningitis and Sepsis, Report Finds | Daily Mail Online

Baby in hospital

A recent report has found that doctors are putting babies’ lives at risk from meningitis and sepsis. Stuart Bramley, a lawyer specialising in infection claims, notes –

“This report is both depressing and predictable. Although a sepsis such as meningitis can initially manifest itself in fairly subtle or unconcerning signs like sleepiness, most will exhibit fairly obvious indications. No doctor, whether a GP or working in a hospital, should ignore a continuous grunting sound, eyes rolling back in the head, a high temperature with no apparent cause, hands and feet colder than the rest of the body or a rash that doesn’t blanch (turn white when pressed against a glass). In many legal claims I handle, the baby has presented with several of these but the possibility of meningitis has simply never been considered until it was too late. In one claim, a purple rash spreading across the baby’s face was put down to the child being of mixed race – in another, the mother was told to bring the baby back to hospital in a week’s time although Mum was asked that when she returned she should bring an overnight bag.

The Meningitis Research Foundation’s report should help publicise the danger of sepsis and the signs parents should look for, but years of handling infection claims suggests to me that it is the NHS staff who most need educating. Without doctors and nurses becoming more sepsis-aware, we face yet more terrible stories like Amy Walkden’s”.

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