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Posted 10 May 2019
by Stuart Bramley

Doctors fail to spot healthy mothers’ sepsis, resulting in amputation

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Lydia went to her GP complaining of having a chesty cough, where she was told it was asthma. She was eventually rushed to hospital where a series of test revealed she had sepsis, which is thought to have been because of untreated tuberculosis (TB). She spent 11 days in a coma whilst battling multiple organ failures, a clot on her lungs, two emergency heart drains and had both of her legs and right hand amputated.

With reference to the mail online article, Stuart Bramley, a Tozers partner specialising in infection claims, writes:

“No-one reading this story can be untouched by the horrors Lydia Galbally has had to endure. Her resilience, both physically and emotionally, is nothing short of inspirational.

I know from the sepsis claims I handle that the most appalling injuries sometimes arise from symptoms which at the outset seem quite minor. All GPs will have seen many patients complaining of a chesty cough, as Lydia did, but to go from that stage to TB and widespread dry sepsis involves much more obvious signs beginning to show. From the Daily Mail article it does seem as though she was rushed to hospital as soon as a fever developed but in many cases I see, recognising the potential severity of the condition doesn’t always happen so swiftly. Awareness of the first symptoms of sepsis is crucial since the infection attacks the body frighteningly quickly, as this story illustrates.

I remain overawed by the way Lydia Galbally and her family have reacted to this and I wish her the very best in the future”

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