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Mark Williams

Posted 22 July 2019
by Mark Williams

Domestic abuse victims failed in rural areas

Domestic abuse in the South West

The National Rural Crime Network has published a report revealing “a shocking picture of domestic abuse in rural Britain with hidden victims – isolated, unsupported and unprotected – who are being failed by the system, services and those around them.”

Mark Williams, Partner in our Family Team, has considered the results of this eighteen-month intensive research project and notes the recommendations and findings echo the report which does indeed make for shocking reading.

Some findings from the report identify that on average abusive behaviour lasts 25% longer in rural areas than it would in urban areas. It is noted that the more rural the setting the potential higher risk to the victim whose isolation can sometimes be used deliberately as a weapon against them by their abusers.

The lack of policing in rural areas and the lack of support services is also a significant factor in the victims of domestic abuse in rural areas suffering longer than they should.

Tozers Domestic Abuse Response Team is alive to the difficulties often encountered by victims in the South West, particularly those in such rural areas, and are on hand to offer support and to provide legal assistance urgently for the victims of domestic abuse.

The Domestic Abuse Response Team is made up of our best family law solicitors and can be contacted on 01626 207020 or by emailing us confidentially at

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