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Posted 6 March 2015
by Stephen Jennings

Drug-driving changes since 2 March 2015

The government has recently set, for the first time, thresholds for drug-driving, making it illegal for individuals to drive a vehicle whilst being over the limit.

The limits for each individual drug differs based on the speed at which they are broken down by the body. The new law has been introduced to try and prevent people being prosecuted for taking quantities of prescribed drugs in accordance with either medical or dental advice.

Although, the new law does apply to illegal and prescription drugs too, with a differing limit for each.

The police will be able to conduct roadside testing to determine whether any of the listed drugs are present, followed by forensic analysis of a blood sample taken at a police station to establish which drug is involved and the quantity in the blood.

Individuals face a mandatory disqualification and a maximum of six months’ imprisonment if found guilty of drug – driving.

Your substance misuse policy should reflect the above changes. For a fixed fee we are happy to either review existing substance misuse polices or provide you with a compliant policy.

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